White Screen Problem In LCD TV


In the event that you see a bright display in LCD TV that shown that the ability present, inverter table and the backlight is functioning great and you need to troubleshoot other places to discover the problem that caused white show problem. You will find few reasons why a LCD TV might have white exhibit problem: Image result for tv mechanic

1. Free relationship between the wire of the Principal board and the Controller board. If the wire arrived on the scene the Main table can’t deliver the signal to the control IC hence you receive white display. In certain LCD TV, it wills shutdown if no indicate flows to the operator board. In order to solve the problem, philips tv repair london decide to try reseating the cable and retest the TV.

2. Poor Major board- Yes a bad Main board itself can’t deliver signs to the Controller IC. A faulty voltage regulator, Scalar IC, MPU, EEprom and shorted bordering SMD components might cause white display problem. Make certain there is signs flowing to the Operator table before you validate may be the Principal panel problem. You can test drive it by utilizing Oscilloscope on the points at the connector often in the Major table or the Control board side.

3. Bad SMD blend in the controller board. There’s a small SMD blend positioned in the VCC source line to the control board. If that fuse open world then there could be no present voltage entering the controller IC. Actually though the operator IC is receiving the signs from the Main table but you can find number indicate outputs streaming to the LCD driver IC’s situated on the Recording Provider Offer (TCP) thus no picture produced and just white monitor made by the backlights. Simply work with a meter to try the SMD blend to see if it for open signal or not but before you do this be sure you have release your self from fixed demand first using a hand strap. Parts in the Control board are very painful and sensitive to fixed charge. Please take note on this. If the blend tested excellent and there’s signal streaming to the Control IC, the only method to solve it is to restore the panel.

4. If you study the initial phrase I stated that it is maybe not a power issue but there was one LCD TV that periodically produced white screen and it absolutely was brought on by faulty electrolytic capacitors. When I always check the ESR of the capacitors the ohms examining were very high. Replacing the bad e-caps solved the sporadic display white problem. In potential in the event that you visit a LCD TV with white monitor problem please check up on the extra electrolytic capacitors first when you proceed to check on different circuits that I have shown out in quantity 1, 2 and 3 above.

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