How to get a bonus in online poker?


One of the alluring benefits of playing poker online is a bonus. Many online poker websites welcome you with a no deposit bonus. That means a beginner can play free poker games without any investment. They get to learn the game without risking their money.


Poker bonuses attract new players and therefore you will always find someone to play a game with you. It increases the availability of the players. There are different types of bonuses that online poker games offer. Let’s have a look.


  • Welcome bonus:


Some of the popular internet poker sites like Full Tilt, Bodog, PoekrStarsoffer first deposit bonuses. These are in the form of bonus cash that is credited directly to the account of the player. Of course, there are other promotions as well which allow you to earn and play. You will not be able to access the welcome bonus immediately. The poker sites hold the bonus until the players have recorded several real-money games hands.


How to claim a welcome bonus?


  1. First, you have to log in to your online poker account.
  2. You will get a welcome bonus promotion link. Accept the promotion.
  3. Deposit a maximum $100
  4. Get the bonus fund of the same amount


  • Refill Bonus:


The refill bonuses are smaller in size than the sign-up bonus. You receive these bonuses when you reload your account with successive deposits. These bonuses help you to keep going and motivate you with every refill. You earn more using the bonuses. You get delighted with the extra money that you receive with every deposit.


How to get the refill bonus?


  1. You have to deposit regularly at an online poker site.
  2. Meet the deposit requirement constantly
  3. Select your refill bonus offer
  4. Acknowledge your bonus offer and play


  • VIP Bonus:


As you have in credit cards, there is a loyalty based points system. For the players who have a long-term commitment with online poker receive loyalty points. And they have an option to convert these points to cash rewards. Sometimes the prize can be any merchandise or cars rather than just cash. When you get rewards for associating with something, you look up for more long-term relationships. These bonuses are designed to retain existing customers


How to claim the VIP bonus?


  1. Register for a VIP scheme on the online poker site
  2. Collect the minimum points required to progress
  3. Cross the stages of the scheme
  4. If there is a reward at the stage where you in, claim it.


Some facts about bonuses:


  1. When you started playing online poker, always keep an eye on the points that you earn after each game.
  2. The poker authorities release the bonus in installments. They release the bonus as you play and earn points.
  3. Bonus money is automatically deposited in your account.
  4. Best would be to use the bonus money to play more poker and win more.


Poker bonuses serve as excellent incentives. However, you should use your wisdom to decide when to use them.


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