Effective Methods to Prepare for Board Exams


Have you, as a student at any point, realized that acing the board exams is not an impossible task as expected? On the contrary, you can score high marks in the board exams if you try hard and with proper diligence. It would help if you had an appropriate strategy to find out the perfect way to ace the board exams.

It is not only students of CBSE or ICSE, but if you are a state board student, you will know the significance of board exams. Students of Classes 10 and 12, especially of any board, including PSEB, know that preparing for board exams requires hard work and commitment. Here, in this article, we have tried to provide specific inputs and tips to apply in your exam preparation methods to score well.

Significance of Board Exams

Board exams conducted for Classes 10 and 12 have decisive roles that determine your future as a student and later on in your career. The passing marks that you score in the board exams are considered while moving up your educational career to higher classes or professional courses. While for school exams your competition is with only the class students in your school, for the public exams, you will be pitted against a wide range of students of various study levels.

Tips to Ace the Exams

If you follow these tips or strategies mentioned below, you will find it easier to crack the board exams of Class 10 or Class 12.

  • Follow the Lessons taught in Class: One of the best ways to comprehend the topics as per the syllabus is to pay proper attention. In addition, studying what is taught in class every day will help you be well-prepared for the exams, leaving you with enough time to revise the subjects before exams.
  • Go through the Syllabus: Knowing the syllabus well will help you plan the studies and have a proper exam preparation strategy. Having a proper timetable will also help with this.
  • Solve Question Papers for practice: Many sample papers and about 5 to 10 years previous year question papers are made available for most boards for you to practise hard. Solving these papers will help you get acquainted with the question paper format, thus making you more confident about facing the exams.
  • Keep Proper Notes on Important topics and concepts: You can take down notes and keep clean and precise notes on main topics or critical highlights from the chapters of the textbooks and other reference materials. Also, make sure to highlight important points, formulas, and theorems in a book to refer back quickly if required.
  • Make Sure to Finish Complete Portions In Time: If you have the habit of leaving some topics or concepts unprepared till the last, refrain from doing it. Instead, make sure to complete everything well before time and leave room for thorough revision before the exams. Ideally, you are advised to revise at least twice before the exams to get the best results.
  • Conduct Mock Tests before Exams: You can take many mock exams to self analyse your performance and thus improve your exam preparations. It will also boost your confidence, exam writing skills and will help with time management.

Meanwhile, the main tip that all of you need to follow is to have a good grasp of the subject. Mastering all the concepts and preparing ahead of time is the best way to ace any board exams, including Rajasthan Board or any other state. You can also memorize all the important topics of the respective subjects and study well, thus cracking the board exams.